Making Father's Folk Album

Old Demo tapes from the 70’s

Folk Flashback

Folk son Says

A couple of years ago Folk father gave me his old Akai reel to reel and a box of old tapes. To my delight many of the tapes survived. While many of the old songs on the reels I had heard before – I came across one I had never heard. I later discovered it was written before I was born: High Tideline.

I played around with the original track in Reaper to raise the volume and clarity of this recording.

As far as technical information I believe:

2 sm57’s

Yamaha EM150 PA

Effects & EQ:
Yamaha EM150 Spring reverb and EQ

Tape Deck:
Akai (I’ll look up the model later)
Recording Speed: 7.5 ips
Tape: Realistic “Super Tape”
Noise Reduction: None

Folk Father Says

High Tide Line was written while on the reserve at Bella Bella in the fall of 1969. It is about the suicide of one of the aboriginal men in the fishing village there.


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