Making Father's Folk Album


Folk son Says

Folk Father and I have done many things together in this lifetime. Touring around on the back of his motorcycle the summer of 76’, living in Scotland in 83’, Skiing the Alps, much camping, kayaking and canoeing, eating things in the wild I’d rather not (raisins in the bannock?), traveling to Fort McPherson in the late 70’s to find the Mad Trapper’s cabin, holding on as we whizzed through the Arc de Triomphe, to name a few.

All the while Folk Father has been playing and writing his original folk music well before I was born. He literally has hundreds of finished songs composed –  many of which I know even from my earliest memories. Somewhere on this journey I became enamoured by the idea to try to learn how to record music. Also somehow in this wonderfully hopeless pursuit I bought some reel to reel tape decks (for better or worse (often worse) until death do us part).

So here we are…together again…my knife is not sharpened, my archery skills woefully neglected, my natural ease with computers easily outweighing the call of the wild, but together we can share one singular music making purpose as I get to roll analog tape and eat things without raisins.


One response

  1. Folk Father

    What would a bannock be without raisins in it, I ask you??????

    April 9, 2012 at 5:41 pm

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